THE ONE BOOK-ONE TOPIC PROGRAM at ATILIM (2017 – 2018 Academic Year)

Dear Atılım University Students and Personnel,

I am pleased to inform you that our One Book-One Topic Program will continue with a new book in 2017-2018 academic year.  In previous years the below books were read by the University community within the scope of this program:

  1. The Biography of Steve Jobs, the founder and former CEO of Apple – in spring semester of 2011-2012 academic year;
  2. Starbucks written by Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks – in 2012-2013 academic year;
  3. 1984, written by a famous English Author George Orwell – in 2013-2014 academic year;
  4. Outliers – The Story of Success, written by Malcolm Gladwell – in 2014-2015 academic year;
  5. The Other Side of the Mountain, written by a famous Turkish author Erendiz Atasü – in 2015-2016 academic year;
  6. Physics of the Future, written by a popular physics professor Michio Kaku – in 2016-2017 academic year.

These books were reviewed in English language courses of Basic English and the  courses of the Department of modern Languages.  Several contests and activities have beee organized each year about the contents of the books selected.

We hope that your support for this program will continue, which is believed to have numerous benefits such as creating a common institutional culture, developing a sense of belonging and unity, creating friendly discussion environments and developing critical thinking abilities.

Within the frame of the One Book One Topic Program of Atilim University, in addition to the last year’s book named Physics of the Future written by Michio Kaku, this year with the support of the faculty members of our Physics Group, the biography of Elon Musk, will be read.  Elon Musk is an inventor, entrepreneur and engineer-physicist of our century, who has developed various innovative projects from manufacturing electric cars to rockets for space travel.  The name of the book is Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future.  The both books will be studied within the scope of the Year of Physics at Atilim.

The lectures of invited guests from our University and others and the meetings of Atilim Book Community will be among the activities to be carried out throughout this academic year.  These activities will be announced on the websites of the University and ETPO.

Since this year we will be reading two books closely related to science and technologies of the future, for this year only, the name of the program has been changed to Two Books – One Topic.  The common subject will still be Dreaming the Future.

Further information about the program and the books are available in this website.  You may reach more detailed information about the books read in previous years by clicking the Previous Years tab at the top of this page.

We believe that this program helps to create a common culture, sense of belonging, friendly discussion platforms and critical thinking among the stakeholders of the University.

I thank you all for your continuous support of this program and wish you happy readings.


Prof. Dr. Hasan U. Akay

Identity of the Book

Title: Physics of the Future
Author: Michio Kaku
Language : English
Publication date:2012

Book and Topic


In his book Physics of the Future, Michio Kaku, the writer of Physics of the Impossible listed in the top sellers by New York Times, narrates the dazzling, stimulating and exhilarative perspective of the next century on the basis of his interviews made with more than the best three hundred scientists of the world, already inventing the future in their laboratories.

The result is the authoritative and scientifically seamless description of revolutionary developments happening in medicine, computer technology, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, energy generation and space travel.

It is more than probable that we will be controlling our computers with small brain receptors and moving objects by means of our mental powers by 2100. Artificial intelligence will be used all around the world and internet-supported contact lenses will enable us to connect to the information base of the world or view any display we want just by one blink.

By the way, cars will drive themselves by using a GPS and if super-conductive materials working in room temperature are discovered, vehicles will fly on an airbag easily and lead the age of magnetism by navigating on strong magnetic fields.

Scientists will be able to produce/grow almost every organ by using molecular medicine and cure genetic diseases. Millions of small DNA receptors and nanoparticles patrolling in our circulation system will scan our body for the symptoms of any disease. In the meantime, rapid developments in genetic research will make it possible for us to slow down even reverse aging and thus, expand the lifespan of humankind.

Totally new spacecraft, which are as big as a needle and use the propulsive power of laser, will replace expensive chemical rockets of today and may be they will go to near stars in the space. The developments in nanotechnology may provide us an opportunity to build a legendary space elevator which will enable us to reach over the atmosphere by pushing one button.

But these jaw-dropping discoveries are just the tip of the iceberg. Kaku also discusses emotional robots, anti-material rockets and the capabilities to create new life forms and seeing through X-ray. He also considers the state of world economy and mentions these fundamental questions: Who will be the winners and losers of the future? Who will have a profession and a job and which countries will become richer?

From beginning to end, Kaku clarifies rigid and cold scientific principles and questions growth rate of specific technologies, their final limits and risks. Physics of the Future, gathering a large amount of information to throw a sensational glance at the years bringing us 2100, offers an exciting and wonderful adventure towards the breathtaking scientific revolutions of the next century.

Physics of the Future in Media


About the Author


kakuMichio Kaku is an American theoretical physicist, futurist, and popularizer of science. Kaku is a professor of theoretical physics at the City College of New York and CUNY Graduate Center. He has written several books about physics and related topics, has made frequent appearances on radio, television, and film, and writes online blogs and articles. He has written three New York Times best sellers: Physics of the Impossible (2008), Physics of the Future (2011), and The Future of the Mind (2014). Kaku has hosted several TV specials for the BBC, the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and the Science Channel.

In the below video Michio Kaku speaks at the Boston Museum of Science on March 23, 2011.

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